FITOCOCCI® : Coccidioses, Protozooses

The phenol effect occurs through their activity on the bacterial wall, by denaturing and coagulating the protein within the wall structure. Phenols interact with the cytoplasmic membrane by changing its permeability for cations H+ and K+. The dissipation of ion gradients leads to impairment of essential processes in the cell, allows for leakage of cellular constituents, resulting in water unbalance and finally cell death. There is many plants (Lamiaceae) considered as flavours which composition includes these phenols.


FITOCOCCI: All species. 1 kg/Mt of feed. Bags of 20 kgs

FITOCOCCI -2: 1/2 kg/Mt of feed. Bags of 20 kgs

(References: “Essential Oils on Mixed Coccidia Vaccination and Infection in Broilers” International Journal of Poultry Science 5 (8): 723-730, 2006)