FITOESTRUM®: Ovulation, oestrum booster

Ovary hormonal cycle is a complex and delicate balance amongst Hypothalamus, Hypophysis and Ovary. Several plants are well due its effect on ovaries and therefore on ovulation, lactation and heat inducers.

FITOESTRUM provides a mixture of plants which main ingredients (Rotundifurane, Vitexilactone, Labdadienes) may equilibrate the concentrations of sexual hormones by direct action onto the axis Hypothalamus – Hypophysis – Ovarium. This action works smoothly by inhibition of prolactine’s secretion, as a result of the stress of lactorope cells of hypophysis lobe, by a dopaminergic effect on the receptors subtype D2, and issuing similar effect like the luteus cysts.


Sows: 10 grs/day, 5-7 days before heat’s daytime.

Bags of 20 kgs