FITOQUIET®: Agressivity and Stress

Stress is the consequence of intensive farming and commonly ocurring amongst livestock and poultry. To diminish or supresss stress also means:

- easier digestion
- better conversion index
- less work for liver and better immunologic response
- less troubles at sacrifice, slaughtering (< rigor mortis, < PSE, DFD)

fitoquiet agresividad estres

FITOQUIET B: Bovine. Stress in bovine has a sexual excitement origin that must be diminished. Some herbal extracts may provide anti-libido effect.

FITOQUIET P: Porcine: Stress of animals at weaning (piglets) or other living in massive stables is mainly induced by hierachy reason or digestive upset. Anxiolytics and sedatives are adviceable.

FITOQUIET: Bovine and Porcine. 1 kg/Mt of feed. Bags of 20 kgs.

FITOQUIET FORT: 1/2 kg/Mt of feed. Bags of 20 kgs.

The efficacy of herbal extracts, sedatives and anxiolytics in such a case, may become fully comprehensive by scientific articles as the following one, where is shown that a well known medicament like diacepam has a chemical structure identical to several phytomolecules (flavonoids). Who copied who?

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