FITORUMI®: Rumination Control, Acidoses, Bloating, Timpanism

Growth and fattening diets with soluble sugars excess may produce lactic acidosis and bloating. This fact is linked to ruminal flora ecology. We can avoid it by promoting the development of Propionbacteria and slowdown the first rapide fermentation and lower pH values, which is favouring methan producers (Metanogens).

We can got it by a formulation of flauvoring plants that stimulate saliva secretion (alcalin), provide a sensation of satiety (avoiding abundant and fast ingestions), and permitt gaz expelling (carminatives). Besides, volatil fatty acids (propionic, butiric, acetic) are absorbed in rumen and reciclated as energy, favouring to save protein and afford better milk quality.

FITORUMI: Cattle and dairy cows.

FITORUMI FORTE: 1/2 kg/Mt of feed. Bags of 20 kgs

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2) D.F. Waterman, What soluble sugars and organic acids can do for the rumen

fitorumi - Rumination Control, Acidoses, Bloating, Timpanism

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