FITOTRANS® : A smoother transition

The after-weaning period involves difficulties for correct digestion, and intestinal infections oftenly appear. Plants and its extrats offer right solutions, both preventive and curative when applied in front of imminent symptoma or when digestive troubles are expected by dietaty changes. The ideal formulation should regard for these effects:

- Appetizing substances to enhance salivation and gastric secretions.
- Aromatic substances that may boost eubiotic flora.
- Carminative substances to avoid bloating and digestive stress.
- Flavouring substances to stimulate apetite and improve conversion index.
- Tanins, saponines and y muchoprotectors.

FITOTRANS: Porcine and small ruminants. 1 kg/Mt of feed. Bags of 20 kgs.

FITOTRANS PLUS: 1/2 kg/Mt of feed. Bags of 20 kgs.


SEE -> Los Aditivos promotores del crecimiento

Other references:

- Utilizacion de extractos esenciales de plantas en la producion porcina (DEGESA, Boletín nº 9, 2003)

fitotrans A smoother transition

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