VETFITO S.L. Veterinary Services.

*Research, formulation, manufacturing and trade of zootechnic preparations.

* Consulting of Veterinarian Phytotherapy. Taylored products.

Head Office in Barcelona (+34) 670-602874

Manufactured with the warrants of logo AMOROS

See Quality Certificates: (GMP Vet) + (ISO 22000) + (ISO 9001)

VETFITO®: Trademark introduced on 2001 in Spain as a new range of herbal products for Veterinary and Zootechnia. Range of Herbal Premixes heading for animal yields optimization

- Appetence, Digestibility and gut’s for a enhancement
- Animal behaviour under stress conditions
- Immunological response
- Proteccion against infections
- Production steps: transition, growth and fattening
- Fertility


Veterinary and Phytotherapy (VETFITO) join resources together and may offer a wide range of solutions based on plants and its extracts for Animal Husbandry.

Modern Phytotherapy is based on Pharmacognosia, a Pharmacy’s course studying the active principles of natural occurring plants, its mechanism of action and efficacy. Current Technology afford the instruments and means for the analysis of each ingredient, its extraction and the studies of their action and sinergies applied for each animal specie.

The studies initiated on 1995 have become realities. Since the first herbal premixes on 2001, and later on adding essential oils and extracts, VETFITO is nowadays offering 12 registered products (DARP) and design taylored products. Thousands of cientific references grant the efficiency of Phytotherapy intended for Veterinary (available by request).

The compounds of the range VETFITO are included on:

- FEMA listing(Flavours & Extracts)
- EMEA (European Agency for Medicine Evaluation) accepted plants according its MRL (Maximum Residues Limit).
- GRAS (Generally accepted as safe).
- FEFANA-FFAC Botanicals Listing

SEE ->“Opinión de los Nutrólogos en Europa” Feed Mix 14(3):22-25


vetfito veterinaria y fitoterapia

vetfito veterinaria y fitoterapia

vetfito veterinaria - fitoterapia